National Capital Award

National Capital AwardNational Capital Award

The National Capital Award is issued upon proof of contact (SWLs proof of reception) with stations located in the National Capital Region of Canada. The National Capital Region consists of the cities of Ottawa (Ontario), Gatineau (Quebec) and the surrounding area to a distance of approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles).

Stations located in Canada and the lower 48 United States require 20 contacts. All other stations require 10 contacts.

Fee for the award is $2 for stations in Canada and the United States, and $3 (or 8 IRCs) overseas. The attractive 10" x 13" certificate will be endorsed for band and/or mode on request. Do not send QSL cards. Send a list of contacts giving Call sign and QTH of station worked, date, band and mode to: Award Manager, Ottawa Amateur Radio Club, Box 8873, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1G 3J2

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