November 14, 2018 monthly meeting minutes

19:35 Meeting started by Diane VA3DB

DVAP Demo (Dave VE3BOW)
Ying VA3YH/VR2EO in Hong Kong via D-Star. Ying was using a Raspberry Pi and DVAP  (Digital
Voice Access Point) dongle in his hotel room with his Icom IC-92AD. Dave was
accessing the D-Star repeater VA3ODG via XRF018B in downtown Ottawa using a roll-up J-Pole and IC-91AD.

Andrew (working on getting his ticket)
André VA3CHH

RAC Winter Contest (Dave VE3TLY)
Friday & Saturday, December 28 & 29
OARC is fully engaged with the Diefenbunker Radio Group; will be operating  VA3RAC. Setup on Friday with brief operating that evening. Most operating will be on  Saturday. Sign-up sheet being passed around. Antennas have been tested (and work)
and just need to be put up.

Public Service Event - Appeal for Volunteers (Marnie; spouse of Dave VE3BOW)
Organizing the 2019 Women's March to be held January 19 from 11:00 to 16:00.
Need volunteers with radios on foot and in cars as marshals and observers. Anyone interested, please contact Dave VE3BOW or Jeffrey VA3PEW.  The route for the March is from Parliament Hill to Lansdowne via Bank Street. Hams will be stationed along the route as well as Parliament Hill and Lansdowne Park.

Morse Code Course (Mike VE3FFK) Still in the planning stages. Intended for those who know morse code at a basic
level and want to get more adept as well as increase speed. The "course" will be held on-air on local FM repeaters.

NRC Metrology - Frequency & Time Group by Bill Hoger, P.Eng
Responsible for CHU, realization of the "second" and generation of UTC Time dissemination
Calibration of customer equipment Design of high-precision clocks

Warning regarding RAC email aliases (Glenn VE3XRA)
Warning that some people with email aliases are getting phishing/spam

Greg VE3YTZ announced he is accepting membership renewals.

Meeting ended at 21:03.

No 50/50.

Coffee and socializing followed...

Pre- and Post-Meeting Announcements
+ Canadian Ski Marathon: Feb 8-10, 2019
Looking for volunteers: Please contact Neil VE3PUE or
+ December OARC Meeting: Christmas Social & Mini-Fleamarket
+ OARC will be operating VA3RAC at Diefenbunker Museum for RAC Winter Contest.
Operators welcome Dec 28, 29. See Dave VE3TLY to volunteer.
+ Women's March on Saturday, Jan 19 from 11:00 - 16:00 from Parliament Hill to
Lansdowne Park. Need hams to assist for comms & coordination. First time event
for amateur radio. See Dave VE3BOW or Jeffrey VA3PEW to volunteer.

+ OVMRC Meeting: Next Wednesday, Nov 21. Building PowerPole connectors & testing gear
+ Does anyone have an HP Signature Analyzer? If so, contact Wayne VE3CZO.
+ Greg VE3YTZ is accepting membership renewals

Minutes taken by VA3BIT.

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