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ISS Over Ottawa (part 2)

Space Station contact was successful today

ISS over Ottawa

The International Space Station will pass over Ottawa tomorrow Wed 30 March.It will roar over at an altitude of 300 km and at a speed of 30,000 km/hr. We have authority from NASA to talk with the astronauts on board the space station. The contact will be made from Canterbury High School in Ottawa around 11:00 am local time. The radios from been set up in the school's theatre and both the directional and vertical antennas are now on the roof. The coaxes have been run and the computers have been programmed. All is ready to go. There is a Doppler shift of +/- 300 kHz during the orbital passage at the beginning and end of the contact which you may experience. That is normal. We only have one chance at this. Once the ISS is gone over the horizon, it's gone. So wish us luck! There should be media coverage on local newscasts Wednesday night if all goes well. Steve Regan VA3MGY

Club project photos

Here are Greg's club project photos of March 19 2011. The project is a small but very functional battery monitor device built around a PICAXE microcontroller. It was designed by Wayne VE3CZO.

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour - June 11-12 2011

The annual RLCT from Ottawa to Kingston and return is set for June 11/12 this year and once again requires radio operators for communications support. The Ottawa segment will be active on Saturday morning and noon to late afternoon on Sunday. Communications relies on local 2m repeaters and operators will need mobile rigs in the outlying areas. Anyone interested in helping out on both or either days can contact Gord (VE3FRB) at ve3frb AT rac.ca. No experience is necessary. New participants are most welcome.

Radio HF Newsletter

Sheldon Harvey of RadioHF has a newsletter that is opt in. You may subscribe Here. This writer (VA3DB) appreciates the news items found in this newsletter, I'm sure others would too.

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