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CFRA Transmitter Site Tour

The OARC is having a mini field trip! We are getting a guided tour of the CFRA transmitter site near Manotick.Date: Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 1300H EasternWe are going to meet at the site 5630 Prince of Wales Drive, Kars, ON K0A 2E0 (https://goo.gl/maps/E8Zk6kRx1yv).There is room to park in the field or you may park on the shoulder of Prince of Wales.

November 2016 Meeting Location

We were unable to get any rooms at Ottawa City Hall in November since they were all taken. So, the November 9th OARC meeting location will be held at Makerspace North.

Ontario NVIS Event

Members of the Peel ARC are organizing an NVIS event in South-Eastern Ontario to practice using NVIS techniques for short-to-medium-range HF communications.

Slides for VE3KL's Field Day Antennas and EMI

The slides from VE3KL's November OARC presentation about Field Day antennas and EMI "Lessons Learned" and some tricks for operating multiple co-located stations are now available at http://ve3kl.com/index_htm_files/OARC_FieldDay_Oct2016.pps

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