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VE2CRA Off air

VE2CRA will be off the air temporarily due to abuse. It will be turned back on in time for the Monday Night net.

Heads up Elgin st. closure

Please note that Elgin street is closed from Catherine st. to City Hall which will affect your trip into our club meetings.

Paul Campbell (VE3PC) SK

Sent to our secretary was the following

VA3OEB Ernie Brown (SK)

Long time members of the OARC will remember Ernie Brown,  who was an active member of the club years ago, before moving back out west to be with family. His club talks about his wartime service both on merchant ships and as a RDF operator in Ottawa were greatly appreciated.

Winner of 2018 OARC hamfest grand prize

Ben Greene receiving grand prize at 2018 hamfest

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