Zoom Meeting for Wednesday, June 8, 2022 @ 7:30 PM – Roger and Harrie's Marvelous Adventure to Hamvention, Dayton (Xenia) Ohio


Some have been going to Hamvention in Dayton (Xenia) Ohio for decades. Others have gone a few times. Many of us have never been.  So, as first timers this year, Harrie VE3HYS and Roger VA3EGY will give us their first impressions of this historic event in a combination of photos with narration that is sure to be entertaining as well as informative. 

Their goal is to demystify the experience in terms of the logistics of getting there, where to stay, where to eat, what it costs and most importantly what is available at Hamvention and how to maximize your time there. They will look forward to comments from others who were also there this year, as well as from those who have been in past years. 

Come out and join us for Harrie and Roger’s presentation and what it takes to be successful at Hamvention.

In advance of the June 8, 2022 meeting, OARC members will receive an email with information on how to join the meeting.

Non-members are always welcome. Please send a request to EXECUTIVE at OARC.NET and ask for an invitation.

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